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Benefits of choosing BabyScanUK

Services at BabyScanUK do not replace medical scans but offer an exemplary service and chance for a unique keepsake. 


BabyScanUK offers a range of packages in revolutionary baby scanning - giving parents the chance to see digital 3D and 4D live images of their child. 

Scan packages start with an early reassurance scan - also known as the first scan. 

Followed by Gender Scans where we will be able to look at the sex of your baby. 

Further along in your pregnancy we will then be able to offer the revolutionary 4D scan, where we will be able to see the features of your unborn baby. 

Most scanning sessions last between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the package you have selected. At BabyScanUK though we want you to enjoy the experience, so you'll never be rushed and you will also be able to bring loved ones as the scans are performed in a relaxed, comfortable environment with your partner, family, friends or older children. 


About Your Scan

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Bonding Scan Banner

Before your 4D scan begins you'll have a quick informal chat with the ultrasound technicians to confirm details of your pregnancy, discuss your expectations from the appointment and any concerns that you may have. You can also let us know if you'd like to know the sex of your baby.

​Once the scan begins high definition images from our HD Live ultrasound machine are displayed on a large, widescreen monitor or projector for you to see. After the scan, we'll finalise your chosen BabyScan UK package. The images and/or video from your package will be available to take away on the day of your appointment.

Like a normal photo, the best 4D pictures are only obtained when your baby looks toward the camera (in this case the ultrasound transducer/wand!). ​

We also need a window of fluid to be in front of the baby so that we can see through it to your baby's face. However, the position of your baby and the amount of fluid around it are factors beyond anyone's control and so the quality of your baby images are determined by how well your baby cooperates on the day. 

Nevertheless, with our experience and little persistence we are usually able to coax even the most camera shy babies into view! Please allow up to 60 minutes for your scan, in case your baby is not in an ideal position and for preparation of your edited media.

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