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Covid-19 information

In order to operate as safely as possible during Covid-19, we have adopted a list of measures to mitigate the risk for our customers and staff.  

To reduce the risk of infection from person to person we have put the following measures in place: 

  • Face coverings to be worn upon entry.

  • Each customer will be assisted by one member of staff only.  

  • Attendees will be asked not enter if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.  

  • Mum to be can be accompanied by 1 other adult and no children.

  • Partners or second attendees will sit two metres away from the scan. 

  • All staff will apply PPE, that will be changed after every customer. 

  • Customers are urged to wear a face mask (we have some available for purchase if you are unable to bring one) 

  • Temperatures will be taken with a non-contact thermometer upon entry as an additional precaution.  


To reduce the risk of infection from surfaces we have put the following measures in place: 

  • Hand sanitiser is readily available upon entry. 

  • Hand wash basins installed in waiting area with antibacterial soap and disposable towels. 

  • Beds and equipment are to be sanitised after each customer 

  • Paper towel will be placed on the bed and replaced after each customer.  

Thank you for booking with us, we look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes from all of us at BabyScan UK.

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